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We offer many services to help you improve and amplify your life! We are with you all the way. We will work with you or your group to help you come to an understanding of just how important you are in the world and how much of an impact you are capable of making. You are of value and you have worth.



We Can Do it All

You matter because you are the only YOU in the world!

You will learn all about your most powerful and non-powerful sides that make you who you are.

We work with you to practice and recognize how you are able to choose in every situation in your life.

We help you give up the right to being a victim.

You can make a huge impact when you learn who you are and practice using your incredible voice that you have.

Individualized Experiences

We come prepared to cater to you and the needs of your group specifically. Each experience will be different than the last, even if the same topic is being discussed. We have a unique ability to create powerful experiences that will be remembered and significantly impact everyone involved.

Conferences & Events

Whether with Youth or Young Adults, our conferences are highly anticipated! They are talked about long after they are over. Whether it is a large or small group, you will learn more about yourself during that time than you have in the last month with your therapist. 


We are most well-known for teaching through simulations. You will never forget the experiences that you have during the individually catered-to-you simulations. We walk with all participants through the process, give you guidance if needed, and debrief after to help you get the most from what you have learned. Simulations are extremely unique – you may participate in the same simulation, but your experience will never be duplicated. Your time participating in a simulation will be remembered for a lifetime.


Experience the difference that it makes in your life by working with and being coached by some of the top performance catalysts. We are here to help you achieve the results and goals that you are working toward in your life. You matter. You make a big difference in the world.

Guest and Keynote Speakers

We come prepared to speak on your desired topics for any demographic and audience. Be aware; we do not just speak. We are about connecting, having discussions and interacting. It will be a life-impacting experience.


Try our


Mother (not-necessarily) Approved”


Research & Analysis

 We have practiced, researched, and experienced many different ways of being.

Our vast and varied experiences have led us to understand how your choices have an impact on everything you do.

The way you do little things, is the way you do everything.

Living powerfully or non-powerfully makes a difference in your life as an individual and a leader, along with impacting the lives of those around you in the world.

Your choice to live powerfully, or non-powerfully, makes a significant difference.

Roadmap planning

 Have you been told or heard that you need to have a plan for your life?

Do you know what you want to do or where to start to accomplish the goals that you want to?

What happens when you fail?

When you have gotten this far into the vicious cycle of thinking those thoughts, we have found that it often leads back to the basic question of “who are you?”

Are you having a difficult time recognizing that person looking back at you in the mirror?

Are you happy with that person staring back at you?

Planning your “roadmap” begins with you.

 Failing and succeeding are all included as parts in your roadmap. 

We coach you around how to stay powerfully present in your incredible, individual journey.

Execute & Monitor

Do you feel as if you have been stuck in a rut?

Do you have ideas of what you want your life to look like, but no idea of how to make them happen?

Are you comparing yourself and your progress to everyone else around you?

If you are really wanting to see an upgrade in your life, we can help you get there.

What is holding you back from the things you want to create in your life?

We have unique perspectives to help you break free from your circular repetitions and habits.

We are able to help you from point “A” to point “B” directly, 

From all of us to you

Make Your Own Opportunities

You are powerful beyond measure. If you could actually see yourself for just a moment and FULLY begin to understand how incredible you are, there is absolutely no way that you would EVER settle for anything less than, or let others believe those false perceptions about themselves either.

You would walk around in the world as if you actually make a difference, and what you do matters . . . because YOU DO and IT DOES!

It is our privilege to have the opportunity to be in your world.

Thank you for choosing to be here.

Thank you for being the amazing, unique, one-and-only YOU!

We love you.


Pricing For

Every Need

We have available business packages that we offer and we are also able to cater individualized consultations to evaluate your specific needs. 

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