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 Through our combined experience, we’ve seen first hand the struggle in the eyes of individuals. Simultaneously, we’ve experienced the power that the most unlikely of individuals can muster. For the past 5 years we have been learning and developing skills to help educate others on how to turn struggle into power and let that influence the trajectory of our life.  The ability to live an excellent life is not out of reach for anyone, and we are committed to showing that to you through seminars, retreats, and other activities. Join our community of learners and bring excellence into your life and the lives of those around you.


We have your best interest in mind. We co-create with you to powerfully effect change in your life. You are a leader, difference-maker, and instigator of dreams.


We are experienced in various aspects and experiences in life. Our experiences create connections with you to help create the most powerful effecting of change for you.


We are committed to you entirely.  We are committed to being involved with you in your life and helping you to create the relationships and connections to powerfully shift your life to create joy.

Our Experiences


Our unique perspectives, guidance and coaching will help you to create the life that you have been dreaming of, but have been uncertain of how to achieve. If you are going to fail, fail BIG. Failure is all dependent upon your perspective. Learn new perspectives and live powerfully within your “failure”.


clients reportedly failing at day one


Clients reportedly failing after six weeks


Our Team Of Professionals

erika Ludwig


Erika currently lives in Las Vegas and, along with her sister-in-law Heather, she enjoys spending time together running “Live For Excellence”, a business group that focuses on helping youth and young adults learn how they influence what occurs in their world on a daily basis. Her favorite part is coaching and working intensely with youth as they become powerful leaders. She has studied emergency medicine and is currently going to school for Respiratory Therapy. She hopes to work in the emergency room as well as the NICU. She has worked closely with the youth for over ten years and her goal is to help them recognize their power. Erika is powerful in assisting others in learning that who they choose to be matters and makes a difference. Her personal motto that she chooses to live by is Latin stating, “vixi discrepo audeo” or “dare to live differently”.



Heather is a master listener. She is committed to empowering individuals in creating powerful shifts in their lives. Heather obtained her Master’s degree in Professional Counseling and is sought after as both a Life Coach and Licensed Professional Clinical Therapist. Heather has over 15 years of experience of working with youth and has a special affinity in connecting with them. She has a special, inspired ability of creating space for people to be themselves. She values teaching these skills to youth and young adults within the “LiFE” (Live For Excellence) program  and assist them in gaining access to their greatness. People are able to see the best in themselves and others when they are in her space. She believes it is a gift to be with others, and that you matter in everything that you do and don’t do.

Benjamin Beals


Benjamin Beals believes in fun! Arizona boy, born and raised. He is a fashion connoisseur, a Spartan Race enthusiast and has a deep obsession with Arby’s, Buffalo Chicken Sliders. Ben’s power animal is a lion. When he grows up he wants to live in a cottage in the middle of the woods with him and his pet wolf. Ben has been involved in Youth For Freedom for 11 years both as a youth and administration. Above all, Ben stands for love, empathy and acceptance with a huge desire to give youth permission to love, understand and accept SELF.

daniel patterson


Daniel is a “regular dude”. He likes reading comic books as much as he loves playing sports. Daniel dreams big and encourages others to do the same. Daniel has recently graduated with a double bachelors degree in Psychology and Sociology with an emphasis in Criminology. The past year Daniel has been living in Weihai, China studying to learn Chinese as well as teaching English at an Elementary school. This 2019 year will be his fourth year being involved in YFF. He brings an incredible attitude of possibility, growth and hard work to the program. He has created multiple simulations used in YFF that have helped the youth come to a greater understanding of who they are, build a solid foundation of why they love themselves as they are, and to boldly move forward in life, unashamed, confidently declaring that they are of value. Daniel’s mentality can be summed up in two words “No Shortcuts”.  To understand better, you will have to ask him to explain it when you meet him.

What We Help You Create


How you choose to connect to others in your world creates an impact.  The way you connect creates the relationships of your life. 


When you find the answers, the searching stops – and so does your growth. Question everything. Seek for answers, and find deeper levels to your questions.


Life is made up of relationships. Life is all about relationships. The quality of your relationships is equal to the quality of your life.


Choosing to show up powerfully in the world effects all aspects of your life. Power is created by you and your choices.


Being a person who commits to things and follows through creates reliability – you can be counted on.


Who you are is who you choose to be. There is only one “you” in the world. You make a difference. 

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